Actio® Features

Actio is the App for Action Management. Easily build, add detail, restructure, track progress and add updates to your projects – it’s as simple as using the Finder in MacOS.




  • In business: Actio makes it easy for business owners to manage meeting actions for individuals and teams. Track suppliers and customer contracts, organize your customer prospects, and record and track progress.


  • At home: Manage and track recurring payments, health care information, appointment reminders, home projects, parties, weddings, and anything else that requires detailed information tracking.


Actio is your Actions Go-To-Place. Use Actio for your day-to-day management to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.




Manage, organize and prioritise your actions

  • Create user-defined Flags.
  • Organize with user-definable Indexing.
  • Filter by Flag, Owner or item color to quickly focus on the important actions.
  • Easily Promote and Demote actions into Projects and sub-Projects.
  • Define action owners in Actio, or copy from your Apple Contacts.


Get stuff done quickly and efficiently

  • Fast mouse-free input of large scale projects with multiple levels of sub-projects.
  • Item and Note windows with full typographical control.
  • Unlimited Undo and Redo.


Track actions with robust detail

  • DueDate automatically colors actions, letting you roll them up to parent projects to easily see which projects and actions have priority
  • Per-action customizable RAG (Red/Amber/Green) early warning periods.
  • Use multiple tracker views to show Lists, Details and Pageviews.
  • Rapid drill-down/up into sub-projects.
  • Drag & Drop and Drag & Duplicate actions to quickly reorganize.
  • Drag in Emails and WebPages to keep all your project information in one place.
  • Unlimited notes attached to every action.
  • Search across all title, detail and notes fields.
  • Receive Apple notifications when the state of each action item changes.


Get your small business off the ground...

  • PageView window gives WYSIWYG display and control over included content. Printer ready.
  • Full-screen mode. Meeting ready.
  • File based to allow easy sharing of your project with others (e.g. via email).
  • Print Preview functions of all three views.


Or reign in your priorities at home

  • DueDates, Repeating Dates and Anniversaries.
  • Check off important personal events, holidays and more


Actio Free includes access to 1 open project at any time and up to 25 actions or sub-actions.


Unlock Actio Unlimited via In-App-Purchase for:

  • All Free features
  • Unlimited actions and sub-actions.
  • Print from all three views.
  • Multiple Open Projects.
  • Project Tabs.
  • Drag and Drop between open Projects.
  • Drag and Duplicate between open Projects.
  • Search all open Projects.
  • Share and sync projects on file sharing servers (e.g. iCloud, Dropbox, GoogleDrive etc).
  • Save detail text to multiple formats (pdf, txt, html, doc etc)


Actio is a quick, simple way to track actions tied to your projects, no matter what they might be. Use our detailed action manager and sorting functionality to store data for your small business, or simply create a to-do list and keep all of your home projects in one place.


Download Actio and simplify your projects.

Planned Enhancements

iThought LLC plans a significant range of enhancements to the Actio® app in the near future, these will include but not be limited to new features and new supported platforms.


(1) Actio™ is document based, meaning it is easy to share projects with others by sending them or sharing a copy of the file, however this feature requires that the receiver of the file has Actio® Unlimited to be able to open documents over 25 items.

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