Action Management

How do you manage actions in your business?


The book Good to Great(1) shows that Disciplined People, Disciplined Thought and Disciplined Action are the key drivers for "breakthrough" companies .


Your Success


Business schools teach us to manage meetings, manage people, make presentations, even manage our time. But no one teaches us how to manage what makes our organisations change and grow - Actions.


Action Management™ is a proven methodology to consistently manage actions within our business and personal lives. In businesses it sits between Transaction Management at the front end of the organisation and Project Management at the back end. It is used by anyone who has responsibility for delivering actions in the business i.e. those that drive performance.


Action Management addresses the 5 critical areas that cause failure to complete actions:


    •    Prioritisation (why?)

    •    Timeliness (when?)

    •    Clarity (what?)

    •    Capability (how?) and

    •    Ownership (who?).

How do you manage?

What do you find difficult when managing your actions? Talk to other Action Managers online.

Want to learn more?

A managers guide to Action Management™ will soon be available in eBook format. Watch this space.


(1) Good To Great: Written by Jim Collins, printed by CollinsBusiness.

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