Actio® is the App for Action Management. Actio® is fast and as simple to use as the Finder in OSX. Easily build, add detail, restructure, track progress and add updates to your projects.


In Business

Manage suppliers and customer contracts. Manage meeting actions. Manage Transaction and Project exceptions. Manage your customer prospects, record and track progress.


At Home

Track all your regular payments, be prepared for bills. Manage your health care information, future appointment reminders, record children's ailments and treatments. Manage home projects, parties, weddings, construction projects etc.


Your Actions Go-To Place

Use Actio® every day to guide and record what you do.



Actio™ is available as a free limited download for MacOS. In-App purchases are available to extend its functionality.

It can be downloaded from this web site, or from the Apple Mac App Store.

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Actio® Features

Actio® can help manage 100’s of even 000’s of actions in your home and business.

Actio® is feature rich.

Want to learn more?

A managers guide to Action Management™ will soon be available in eBook format. Watch this space.

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